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Some technical tips about Medical grade Propylene glycol PG USP grade


1. What is the difference between Medical grade Propylene glycol PG and industrial grade Propylene glycol PG?

- Medical propylene glycol USP grade and industrial propylene glycol are used for different purposes, so the control of impurities contained in them is also different. Medical use mainly controls impurities that may cause human toxicity, while industrial use does not consider the human toxicity of impurities. Medical impurity requirements are much stricter than industrial requirements.

2. Does propylene glycol have a bactericidal effect?

- Propylene glycol is an antiseptic preparation. This drug can prevent the growth of bacteria and has a certain antibacterial effect, but this drug has no bactericidal effect. If the biologics are added with propylene glycol, it can prevent bacteria from multiplying and degenerate and rot. But if this kind of sterilization has no bactericidal effect, if clinically used sterilization treatment is a wrong choice, it is easy to cause medication errors.


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